Centro di Lavoro a Portale TOSHIBA MCP-3180B

Centro di Lavoro a Portale TOSHIBA MCP-3180B


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Centro di Lavoro a Portale TOSHIBA MCP-3180B

Tavola mm.8000 x 2700

Distanza tra le colonne mm.3100

X mm.9000

Y mm.3900

Z Verticale RAM mm.900

W Verticale traversa mm.1600

Testa automatica indexata 5 gradi

Distanza tavola mandrino mm.2440

Carico tavola Kg. 20.000

Velocit mandrino 5-3000 rpm 2 gamme

Attacco mandrino BT 50

Ram 380 x 380

Dimensioni macchina mm.29110 x 9900 x 7260

Peso macchina Kg. 151.000

Opzioni Standard

Testa a 5 facce

Attacco automatico (5-face cutter head or other attachments)index (AAI)

(4-position index by 90.)

Automatic tool loading/unloading device for vertical spindle and horizontal spindle)


Pendant operation box with electrically-driven free arm

Hydraulic unit

Oil cooling unit (AKZ 908)

Hydraulic crossrail servo balancing system (proportional to spindle head position)

Hydraulic ram balancing cylinder

Oil mist lubrication unit for gears

Oil mist lubrication unit for bearings

Telescopic bed steel cover

Telescopic column steel cover

Telescopic crossrail steel cover

Service (or maintenance) tools

Spare parts (fuses and lamps)

Plug socket for connecting an external device

A plug socket (100 V AC, 3A) is provided on the machine control unit (front side of NC panel) to connect an external device.

Optionals included :

Auto power OFF device

Work light

3 colored operator call lamp

Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) 180 positions

Small diameter tool breakage detector

Retention knob POM50H1

Automatic workpiece changer (AWC) with Direct Charging System, 2 tables

External program number search function

Automatic Attachment Changer (AAC)

72 positions Automatic Indexing for 5 face cutter head

Attachments for Snout 190 and Small Angle Head

Levelling blocks

Mist coolant unit

Splash guard cover on ATC side

Automatic measuring system RENISHAW

HEIDENHAIN for closed loop feedback system

Custom painting color

Coolant through spindle

Machining of reference grooves on table surface

Residual current protective device

Automatic grease lubrication system DAIKIN

W axis rapid traverse 6000 mm/min

Chip conveyor


Tavola mm.8000 x 2700
Passaggio tra le colonne mm.3100
Corsa X mm.9000
Corsa Y mm.3900
Corsa Z mm.900
Corsa W mm.1600
Velocità mandrino rpm5 - 3000, 2 gamme
Posizioni Magazzino Utensili180
Attacco utensileBT 50
Marchiatura CE
Conformità CE
Traversa fissa